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Raise funds for your organization, facility or group by partnering with The Concert Ballet of Virginia in the following ways:
  • We can customize a production for you at your location.
    Your organization manages the administration of the program including advertising the program, setting ticket prices and conducting ticket sales. All proceeds over the contract fee for your program are your fund-raising profit.
  • Sell a block of reduced-rate fund-raising tickets to The Concert Ballet Fall, Winter, or Spring Galas, or The Nutcracker (full length) as a fundraiser for your organization.
    For every ticket your organization sells, you receive $2 for your organization.


Storybook Series

The StoryBook Series is a uniquely enchanting, artistic, and educational program geared toward children, and created by the Concert Ballet. Original ballets are choreographed, staged, and costumed by the the Concert Ballet based upon classic children's literature. The 45-55 minute ballets are narrated, and are designed to stimulate an interest in reading and learning.

Each StoryBook Ballet is written to cover selected Virginia Department of Education SOLs. StoryBooks are presented in a variety of locations including schools, pre-schools, regional and county librarys, cultural arts and community centers, churches, and as part of larger community and cultural events and programs. A reading challenge is presented to all child attendees ... read 2 books, then email or write the Ballet with the names of the books you read, and receive a complimentary ticket to the ballet!

At the conclusion of a StoryBook Ballet, children have an opportunity to meet the characters and have photos taken with them. Organizations, PTAs, civic groups, schools, youth groups, other agencies and groups may contract with the Concert Ballet to bring a Storybook to their institution or locality.

Many organizations and groups use a StoryBook Ballet for a fundraiser. To schedule a StoryBook Ballet, or to learn more about how to bring one to your community, email us or call 804-798-0945.

Some of our Most Popular StoryBooks:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Cinderella
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Pecos Bill
  • Mother Goose
  • Ballet Ruess for Dr Suess
  • Pocahontas
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Snow White


Fundraising With Us

The Nutcracker Ticket Fundraising Program is now available!

How does the program work?

  • You collect orders and money for tickets to any of our full-length Nutcracker performances. You may pick one date and location, or offer all scheduled performances.
  • You must sell 10 tickets to qualify for the fundraising program.
All tickets are $12; your organization will receive $2 for every ticket sold.


Contact Us:
The Concert Ballet of Virginia
Box 25501
Richmond, VA 23260
Email: The Concert Ballet

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